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NCPL KITS Online Trading Platform

NCPL believes in continuous improvement and constant technological advancement. Our goal is to provide our clients with maximum convenience possible. NCPL provides an exhaustive information portal to assist you in making smart investment decisions at the click of a button.

NCPL provides you a state of the art application, Karachi Internet Trading System (KITS) which is an online trading system developed and provided by Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). KITS has made stock trading user-friendly, fast, transparent and secure. You can place your orders online from anywhere at any time. Real-time execution and confirmation on your trades can be monitored through your online trading account.

NCPL KITS clients would have the following restrictions:
  • 100% Cash investment. No Leverage or loan
  • Trade on Ready counter only. Futures counter not available.
  • Selling allowed after settlement only
  • Shorting is prohibited
Salient Features of NCPL KITS

The following features are available in KITS for all our clients:

  • Universal Access to your Online Account
  • You can stay in touch with your investments wherever you are, at a click of a button away.

  • Secure Transactions
  • Security and confidentiality are the foremost cardinal principals at NCPL. Now you can trade with ease as online trading with NCPL is equipped with a multilayer system for customer verification and authorization. A User Id, Password and PIN Code helps make it virtually impossible for a non-authorized person to tap into any customers account.

  • Real-Time Portfolio Updates and Trade Executions
  • Instantaneous confirmations on what securities you have bought or sold just a click away.

  • Real-Time Risk Management
  • Your investments will be safe with our state of the art real-time risk management system giving you time to worry about other things in life.

  • Real-Time Market Quotes
  • Live market quotes are available to all online clients during market hours even with a normal internet dial-up connection.

User Manual

Please download the following Manual to understand the Market Terminologies, Fundamentals of Equity Trading Basics and Risks associated with investing in equity markets.

User Manual Download

Software Download

KITS software can be downloaded from this website.


Risk factor

There is an inherent risk in trading in securities. The investor needs to be aware of the fact that the market keeps getting affected due to a number of factors all the time. However, sometimes "system outages and failures" at Client's end, Broker's end or PSX's end may also disturb and generate errors affecting trade(s). The client needs to be aware that NCPL does not take any responsibility for any loss suffered by the client in such a "force majeure" event. The client however, is advised to report such a situation to NCPL in writing, within 24 hours. The client is also advised immediately, to get in contact with our staff so that the situation can be handled manually without any loss of time. You are aware that we are equipped with KATS (Karachi Automated Trading System) at our corporate office. In such an emergency among other things, requests for cancellation of pending orders should be the client's first priority. In such a situation the client should contact our sales team on our recorded lines at the earliest. One of our authorized representatives would be happy to assist you after verification of client identity.

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